I write stories mainly for the 2-5 market, although some extend to 7 or 8. I write board books, picture books, and magazine pieces, some in rhyme, some in prose. My stories generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Fun, creative stories or rhymes that are fun to read aloud, often inspired by real life moments. Story topics in this category include a shadow's adventure away from its child, a boy who learns about his secret super-power, and an adventurer who has to get ready for bed just like everybody else.


  • Stories that are vehicles for some of the key concepts of my professional area--developmental psychology. Story topics in this category include stress and coping, aging and death, the power of words and thoughts, regulating emotions and behavior, the importance of a supportive social network, and using mindfulness and creativity to deal with boredom. The goal of these stories is not to be a lesson-story, but to be an engaging story that has a truth derived from psychological research embedded naturally within it.

  • Stories and rhymes for the faith-based market. As a Christian, some of my writing is inspired by the love, peace, and joy that comes with walking in relationship with the Savior. I love discovering stories that allow me to naturally integrate these truths, building children up in a world that is so often tearing them down.


2019 Halloweensie Contest - Brenda White