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Zooming to Kindergarten!


Not at all based on a true story...

I picked out my new backpack--

Blue with snappy SHARKS!

I showed it off to all my friends.

(Distanced, masked, in parks!)

But when I went to strap it on,

That Kindergarten day,

My Mom said, "oh no, honeybear,

It's Zoom for you today!"

Zoom! How fun! I thought then,

Like rockets to the moon!

Like racecars roaring 'round a track!

Or like a zippy tune!

Then Mom got out my Chromebook.

But that's no rocket ship.

"Just click right here to Zoom your class."

Click? With what? My lip?

"Here's the mouse. It moves this, see?"

Click click clickety-click.

"No, not that! Click this box here.

Oops. Well, that was quick."

"Let's try this. You see these keys?"

Ooh, BUTTONS! All for ME!

"Go ahead and type your name."

But A's not next to B!

"Okay, we're in! Now say hello!"

*Cue 20 Kinder littles,

Sharing what they had for lunch

And showing off their Skittles.*


"That means we click right here."

The picture of the popsicle?

"The microphone, my dear."

But no one else could work it out,

So while the teacher taught,

I heard a daddy holler, "D**n!"

And babies screamed a lot.

The teacher played a video,

But it was stop and go.

Then everybody's faces froze.

Mom grabbed something to throw...

I asked when it'd be time for lunch.

I asked to have a snack.

"It's only been 5 minutes!"

I saw Mom start to crack.

I zoom to Kindergarten days!

5 hours on a screen.

I know that I will be okay,

But Mom?

She needs caffeine!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Good luck, moms, dads, teachers, and kiddos doing remote learning during a pandemic! This is going to be quite the ride...

My little guy doing his Zoom homework like a champ...


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