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What We're Reading, September 2019

The Bath Monster, Baby's First Bank Heist, and No More Diapers for Ducky!

Well, fall is here! Although it still feels a but like summer (my boys spent most of yesterday afternoon playing in the sprinkler), the leaves are starting to fall, the mornings are getting a bit brisker, and—as I am constantly reminded by my 2-year-old, who points out every one he sees—pumpkins are everywhere!

In this What We’re Reading installment, I’m highlighting three more of the favorites from our most recent library excursion: The Bath Monster, by Colin Boyd and Tony Ross (Andersen Press, 2016); Baby’s First Bank Heist, by Jim Whalley and illustrated by Stephen Collins (Bloomsbury, 2019); and No More Diapers for Ducky, by Bernette Ford and Sam Williams (Boxer Books, 2006).


First up is The Bath Monster, which captured my 4-year-old with its malicious monster cover art. He is all about monsters and scary things, so this was the first book he asked to read when we returned from our library outing. The book chronicles the mud-infested adventures of a boy named Jackson, whose mom tells him every night that he needs to take a bath so the bath monster doesn’t get him. He starts to doubt the veracity of this story, and decides one day to refuse his bath. Little does he know that the bath monster below his house counts on that delicious muddy bathwater (the monster’s SECOND favorite food) for his daily sustenance—what will the monster do with Jackson’s muddy bathwater? At the end, we—and Jackson—find out what the bath monster’s FIRST favorite food is… How’s that for a cliff-hanger? The illustrations are whimsical and scream muddy-little-boy, and the text is fun to read aloud. Overall, there is just enough suspense to satisfy a 4-year-old’s desire for the rush without keeping him awake at night. Win-win!


Next is a recent release, Baby’s First Bank Heist. As the adult reading aloud, I enjoy this one just because the premise is so hilarious—a baby robbing a bank? The kiddos love it because they relate to this little guy’s motivation—he wants a pet so badly, but mom and dad say it’s too expensive. So what’s a baby to do? Get his own money from a bank vault, of course! And then spend that money not only on a pet, but on a menagerie so extensive that the family finds itself charging admission to their very own zoo. This is one of those crazy, off-the-wall tales that delight parents and kiddos alike, while also providing light-hearted opportunities to talk about some “lessons” during the read-aloud—Is it okay to steal? Where else could he have gotten money? How is he going to take care of all those animals? What do you think about him not telling his mom and dad? Gotta love it!


Finally, an older title aimed at a younger set, No More Diapers for Ducky! I mentioned in a previous post that we are in the process of potty-training my 2-year-old, and when he saw the cover of this book at the library, he picked it out himself. It has been by far the favorite of his from this trip, as he giggles and squeals in delight when Ducky wiggles out of her diaper and kicks it across the floor. He always announces with me, “No more diapers for ducky!” with an enthusiasm I wish he would take into his own potty escapades. He has started saying things like, “no more diapers for ME!!” here and there during the day, so it does seem that this sweet little potty book has been effective at helping him see the value in no more diapers. Hopefully that translates into motivation to actually use the potty (and lose his own diapers) soon!

Well that’s it from me! Happy reading, happy writing, and happy fall! 😊


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