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THE RAINBOW TREE: A Fall Writing Frenzy Contest Entry

Hooray, another kidlit writing contest! The Fall Writing Frenzy challenge: choose one of the provided images and then write a story or poem inspired by it in 200 words or fewer. Pieces can be geared for any level, from board book up to YA.

So I give you my entry: a poem inspired by this image and my 5-year-old's wonder-infused label of colorful fall trees as "Rainbow Trees." Although I didn't plan it this way, I also love how it ended up reflecting my passion for human development.

Image 13, courtesy of Laura Roettiger.


By Brenda Whitehead

190 words

The day I saw the Rainbow Tree,

I could have stared all day.

The ruby red,

The flaming orange,

It took my breath away.

The yellow shining like the sun,

The green still peeking through.

And at the top?

A purple crown.

The one hue missing? Blue.

I knew right then I wanted one—

I knew the perfect spot.

I sowed the seed,

And as it grew,

I shared my every thought.

But I was small, and didn’t know

That trees are slow to grow.

As seasons passed,

I soon forgot

That rainbow seed I sowed.

But still that rainbow seedling grew,

Unnoticed in the field.

Until one day,

My tears were hot—

I wanted them concealed.

So out I ran, and there it was.

It took my breath away.

The reds and purples,

Greens and golds.

It beckoned me to stay.

I climbed into the leafy limbs,

I hid among the hues.

And as I cried,

And shared my thoughts,

I added in my blues.

The day I found my Rainbow Tree,

I found my fall retreat.

For when the storms

Of life bring tears,

The rainbow is complete.


And thanks so much to the organizers and prize donors that make this contest possible. Now go read and comment on all of the other wonderful entries here!



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