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Skeleton's Time to Shine: A Halloweensie Contest Entry!

Hooray, it's time for Susanna Leonard Hill's annual Halloweensie Contest! The challenge is to write a Halloween-themed story using the words skeleton, creep, and mask (or any form of these words) in 100 words or less--hence the weensie.

So here you go! A little tale anchored in the moment of Halloween 2020.


By Brenda Whitehead

100 words

Halloween was Skeleton’s time to shine.

Goodbye, musty box!

Hello, swinging free in the tree!

Skeleton loved the sights of Halloween:



Monster masks!

He loved the sounds of Halloween:



“Trick or Treat!”

But one year Skeleton waited…

And waited…

And waited.

There were no costumes.

No giggles or shrieks.

No “Trick or Treat!”

Only sad faces in the windows.

But it’s Halloween! he thought.

It’s my time to shine!

So, Skeleton started to dance.

It was silly—rattle-skattle!

It was creepycrickety-crack!

But then he heard it.



And the faces in the windows shined.


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