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Our Vacation in Book Titles

As a fun departure from my regular posts and as a way to celebrate our recent trip to Washington state to visit grandma and grandpa, I give you our vacation in the form of story titles! :)

  • When the Plane Goes BUMP! In this rhyming concept book about all of the different sounds of a plane ride, little ones get to join in on the fun with a BUMP! WHOOSH! And DING DING DING!

  • Grandpa PRANKS! Grandpa is a prankster. But what happens when everyone else decides to prank grandpa?

The School Bus Goes to Bed
  • The School Bus Goes to Bed A child gets a toy school bus for their birthday and insists on bringing it to bed with them that night. Find out why that was the last night that the school bus was allowed to go to bed!

  • I’m Out! I’m Free! Just Call Me Escapee! Hilarity ensues when a toddler discovers he can climb out of his crib, and mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, and grandpa all have different ideas about how to keep him in…to no avail.

The Ride-A-Mower Games [No, this child never drove the lawn mower by himself!]
  • The Ride-A-Mower Games When grandpa gets his riding lawn mower out to mow the lawn, his grandkids see an opportunity for fun. Grandpa is always game, and so began the Ride-A-Mower Games!

  • The Day the Band-Aids Disappeared It’s only fun if you’re getting hurt in the Jackson family. This story describes a day of so many owies, bonks, and bruises that there were no more Band-Aids to be had! (NOTE: this is not the same day as the Ride-A-Mower games...)

Cousin Layla, Will You Read?
  • Cousin Layla, Will You Read? Little Jordan desperately wants to find someone to read him his new book, but everyone is busy. Finally, his big cousin Layla agrees to read him his book, even though she thinks it will be boring. As both discover the joy in the story, they also form a deeper connection with one another.

  • The Blue Balance Ball Wars 1-2-3-4-5-6-whooooaaaaahhhh! In this counting/numbers book, there is a family competition for who can balance on the giant blue balance ball the longest. Can anyone get to 99 and win the prize?

Yak, Yak, Kayak!
  • Yak, Yak, Kayak! Two yaks find a kayak and decide to take it to the lake. Will they sink or swim?

  • My Trip to the ER While daddy is carrying 2-year-old Chase down a muddy bank to play in the river, daddy slips and falls…right on Chase’s foot! This book tells the story of the injury and the subsequent ER visit from Chase’s perspective.

  • My Gma is 80! When a little boy’s great-grandma turns 80, he insists she needs a dance party! But can he keep his big plans a secret?

What Can You Do With a Cupcake?
  • What Can You Do with a Cupcake? You may think the only thing to do with a cupcake is to eat it, but the Whitehead boys reveal the countless OTHER things you can do with a cupcake, like using the frosting as “shaving cream” or finger paint.

  • Why Am I Not Sleepy? Little Cody learns about time zones when he returns from a trip and isn’t sleepy at bed time. What happened, and will Cody ever be able to sleep at bedtime again?

Well there you have it! Our trip in book titles. Happy summer, happy Tuesday, and happy writing!


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