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Madness! Round 2: An Ode to a Prankster (VOTE!)

As many of you know, I applied to the Madness Poetry Tournament on a lark this year, and was excited (and terrified!) to be selected as one of the 64 "authletes."

I was thrilled to make it through Round 1 with my poem about "Pifflebottom Lane" (you can read it here!), and the voting is now open for Round 2 (it closes Tuesday at 5pm)! The challenge word for this match-up was GREASED, and I saw it as a great opportunity to pay homage to a prankster grandpa--none other than my own father!

I'm posting my entry below, but also go read the poems and vote on your favorites here! Thanks for reading!


Happy birthday, Grandpa!

We all just have to say: Thanks for all you’ve taught us! We learn more every day. Like how to set your clocks back So you start your day at 3. Or inside-outing all your clothes— No undies? Check the tree! Like how to hide your coffee When you look the other way. Or tossing right shoes on the roof— Happy left shoe day! Like how to get your doorknobs All greased up with Vaseline, Or cellophane-ing your front door— A barrier unseen! Happy birthday, Prankster King! You get us every time. But now we've paid back EVERYTHING! Wait—what IS that? SLIME? OH NO, NOT AGAIN! RUN!!


Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful amid all this craziness. Love you all! :)


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