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Giving Up (On Luck): A #SpringFlingKidlit Contest Entry!

Last spring, the story stars aligned and I came up with a little “Snowman's Gifts” story that earned me a second-place win in the 2020 #SpringFlingKidlit contest. What a boost that was, especially given all of the “other stuff” we were all dealing with at that point in 2020 (ugh)! This contest was so much fun last year, and I’m excited to participate again—this year with a totally different (and more personal) theme. So, here's the GIF that inspired my story, as required by the contest, found via Reddit:

From the time I was 6 years old, spring for me meant SOFTBALL. I played on the dandelion-picking “farm league” team (where the coach dubbed me “ants” for the “ants in my pants”… what a sign of things to come, lol), all the way through to my time as a pitcher on the high school fastpitch team. It’s been nearly two decades since my last softball season, but I still think of baseball/softball as a core aspect of spring—the fresh air, the temperature swings, the smell of the grass, the dirt, the leather gloves…ahhhh.

Given the added significance this spring of the return of youth sports after a year of cancellations, it seemed only fitting that this year’s #SpringFlingKidlit contest entry should be an ode to the fun (and character-building) that is youth softball!

The “moral” theme of this story is also drawn from personal experience. As an not-yet-published picture book author, I am constantly fighting the “luck vs. persistence” battle. Even in the first sentence of this little blog post, I apparently felt the need to give credit to “the stars” rather than to my own developed-through-countless-hours-of-practice-and-revision skill and my refusal to just not stop putting myself out there.

Now to find my own coach…er, agent/editor…who’s willing to take a chance on me. Who knows, maybe we’ll hit it out of the park! *THWACK!* ;)

Giving Up (On Luck)

by Brenda Whitehead

147 words

Spring is here!

Softball’s back!

Today I try out for team THWACK!

It’s my dream.

And it’s my DAY!

So BIRTHDAY LUCK will swing my way!

Here we go.

Watch the ball…

Swing the bat… MUDDY FALL!

Spring is here!

And so is mud…

Birthday luck, don’t be a dud!

Second try.

Watch the sky…

Glove is ready… DING-DANG FLY!

Spring is here!

And so are bugs…

Birthday luck, I need some hugs!

Don’t give up.

Sprint to first…

I’m so fast… Ah-Choo! I’M CURSED!

Spring is here!

And allergies…

Birthday luck, you made me sneeze!

Try-out’s done.

It’s not to be.

I love spring but SPRING HATES ME!

What’s that, Coach?

I made the team??

Birthday luck got me my DREAM!

It wasn’t luck?

But I’m a bust!

Not giving up made me a must??

Spring is here!

Softball’s back.

And my PERSISTENCE got me…


* * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my entry! Don’t forget to head back to the main contest page to check out all of the other wonderfully-springy entries.


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