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Another Contest Entry--JUST FOR FUN!

Encouraged by an honorable mention in the Halloween story contest, I decided to have some more fun and write a little something for Susanna Leonard Hill's Holiday writing contest.

The rules are that it has to be 250 words or less and about a "holiday treat." It's in rhyme, which is a skill I'm still crafting but is one of my guilty pleasures (it's like a puzzle for language! Is anything better?). Since my vantage point as a gerontologist makes me partial to aging/inter-generational themes, I also wanted to incorporate some of that here. Enjoy! :)

Christmas Eve Treats (247 words)

We have a tradition, my Grandma and me,

To make a new treat every year Christmas Eve.

And each little treat comes along with some fun,

A story, a dance, and a mess when we’re done!

When I was three we made gingerbread friends,

We practiced the ginger waltz kitchen to den,

She told me a story of button gumdrops,

That made me so strong I could climb the treetops!

When I was four we made cinnamon swirls,

And while they were baking we practiced our twirls.

She told me a story of dresses so rare,

That when twirled fast took me up in the air!

When I was five we made candy cane sweets,

And we danced the twist arm-in-arm through the streets.

She told me a story of red-striped balloons,

That when I held tight floated me to the moon!

This year I’m six and in charge of the treat.

See, Grandma has moved, and she has a wheeled seat.

Grandma, I made us some gingerbread friends,

I’ll push you, and we’ll ginger waltz once again!

Grandma, I made us some cinnamon swirls,

I’ll help spin your chair into special wheeled twirls!

Grandma, I made us some candy cane sweets,

Now let’s go outside and roll-twist through the streets.

Grandma, I brought some more presents for you,

Button gumdrops, a dress, and a red-striped balloon.

Now you can climb, fly, and float up with me!

We’re the story this year, the best Christmas Eve treat.

* * * * * * *

Well there you have it! And although I didn't have this particular tradition with my own grandma growing up, she did give me sewing lessons, take me garage sale-ing, come to all of my soccer and softball games, and is still an inspiration. Thanks, Gma! And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Me with Gma Jan

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