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A Valentiny Story: Step-Brother BATTLE!

It's here again! Susanna Leonard Hill's annual Valentiny contest, spreading the love to kidlit writers everywhere--or at least spreading butt-in-chair motivation and inspiration! This year's challenge: write a Valentine story for children in 214 words or less in which someone has to be BRAVE.

Upon seeing the prompt, I immediately thought of my first memory of feeling "brave" myself: I had to be the flower girl in my great-aunt's wedding, which was -- you guessed it -- on VALENTINE'S DAY! Although I didn't walk down the aisle like a traditional flower girl, I was charged with handing out little heart-shaped favors in my velvet dress and lace gloves, and had to chit-chat with all the guests--talk about SCARY when you're 7! The step-brother bit is NOT based on personal experience, but I did bring in a pinch of my own big-sis-little-bro relationship...ah, the sibling rivarly!

So, without further ado, I give you my entry! Enjoy, and don't forget to head over to the contest page to check out all of the other LOVE-ly Valentiny entries! :)



By Brenda Whitehead

(214 words)

“Will you be my Valentine?”

His mommy LOVES my daddy’s line.

His mommy’s fine, but HIM? A PEST!

Always claiming HE’S the best!

Now BOOM! Today’s the wedding day!

A Valentine’s Day LOVE display.

So NOW, along with my new MOTHER,

Comes the MOST annoying BROTHER!

“Sis!” he calls, “You’re going DOWN!

Today I’LL win the wedding crown!”

“Oh no you won’t! You bear the rings,

But I’LL win with my flower flings!”

I HAVE to win the “aww’s” today,

So BROTHER (yuck!) will STAY AWAY!

But if HE wins? He gets my room!


The music starts and we prepare.

He grips his box, I fluff my hair.

But when he gets his marching cue,

He freezes up—what will he do??

At first I’m THRILLED! I’ve won it now!

But something rises up somehow.

I fight it, picking at my glove…

But NO.

It’s coming.

I feel…


I move beside him, grab his hand.

“Let’s pretend we had this planned!”

Brave together, off we start.

New beginnings, beating hearts.


“Sis!” he goads, “My VALENTINE!”

I SOCK him in the Conga line.

“Okay, BROTHER, boogie down—

Let’s see who wins the DANCING crown!”

Daddy, mommy, me, the PEST.

Brand-new family. Love's the BEST.



AND NOW, for your viewing pleasure...my own little ring-bearer's version of a wedding dance battle!

Thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!


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