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A Valentiny Contest Entry--JUST FOR FUN!

I'm once again throwing my hat into the ring by submitting a fun little entry into this year's Valentiny Writing Contest organized by Susanna Leonard Hill. The challenge is to write a story in 214 words or less (2/14...get it?) having something to do with feeling CURIOUS. These little contests are so much fun, and are really great exercises as I continue to develop my writing. Thanks for reading!

Listen! A Roommate Valentine

(180 words)

Listen! I hear knocking.

Tap-tap, rap-rap, bang-bang-bang!

Hare is curious. Is that for me?

Bear is furious. Oh, just let me be!

“Come in!” says Hare.

“Again?!” says Bear.

Listen! I hear talking.

Gab-gab, yak-yak, blah-blah-blah!

Hare is curious. What is the news?

Bear is furious. I just want to snooze!

“Pull up a chair,” says Hare.

“What a nightmare!” says Bear.

Listen! I hear music!

La-la, da-da, boom-boom-boom!

Hare is curious. What is that song?

Bear is furious. That song is so long!

“Let’s dance!” says Hare.

“Not a chance!” says Bear.

Listen! I hear quiet.

Sh-sh, sh-sh, Shuush-shuush-shuush.

Hare is gone.

Bear just yawns.

“I have an idea,” says Hare.

“Zzzzzzzzz……” says Bear.

Listen! I hear Hare coming.

Oof-oof, ugh-ugh, grunt-grunt-grunt!

Hare is curious. Will he like it?

Bear is furious. What’s that racket?

“I’m sorry, Bear,” says Hare.

“I’m sorry, Hare,” says Bear.

Listen! I hear working.

Bang-bang, clank-clank, slam-slam-slam!

Hare is proud. Now Bear can sleep!

Bear is thankful. I don’t hear a peep!

“A Valentine’s Day door!” says Hare.

“A Valentine’s Day snore!” says Bear.


And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share my son's vibrant contribution to his class Valentine's Day display...gotta LOVE it! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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