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A Spring Fling Contest Entry!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Ahh, spring. The sun is shining, birds are singing, trees and plants are coming to life, and...everyone is holed up in their homes wearing masks. There is a strange irony to an international lockdown and deadly pandemic happening against the backdrop of spring.

In an attempt to get away from the unfortunate realities of this time in history and celebrate the life and joy that is spring, I decided to participate in another writing contest--the Spring Fling writing contest!

The challenge? Find a spring-themed gif of your choosing and write a story for kids inspired by it, using 150 words or less. I chose the below gif--a lovely, hope-filled image of flowers blooming as the snow recedes. My story follows. :)

Snowman's Gifts

by Brenda Whitehead (150 words)

One year Spring refused to wake. Snowman’s friends went shiver-shake. “I can’t change when winter ends, But maybe I can help my friends!” “Hello, Duckling, why so grim?” “Quack-quack-quack, too cold to swim! To follow mommy, I must float.” “Here, my hat can be your boat!” “Hello, Rabbit, why so down?” “I’ve hop-hop-hopped all over town, And nothing grows for me to eat!” “My carrot-nose can be your treat!” “Hello, Robin, why so bleak?” “Tweet-tweet-tweet, my nest is weak. To shield my eggs I need more sticks.” “My arms will be the perfect fix!” “Hello, squirrel, why so blue?” “Nuts-nuts-nuts, they are so few! Snow conceals my buried prize!” “Take my walnut mouth and eyes!” As warmth from Snowman’s giving spread, Spring poked out her sleepy head. And Snowman’s final drip-drop gift Became the flowers’ springtime lift! “Thank you, Snowman!” said his friends. “We’ll see you when the autumn ends!”

Thanks so much for reading, definitely check out all the other spring-themed entries here!

Happy spring! Stay well.


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