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10 Ways Writing #Kidlit is Like Having a Toddler

We were driving to our shared family lake house to celebrate our nation's birthday when I heard that lovely toddler-favored word for about the 40th time that day--NO! Kid, I'm immune to "NO," I'm a kidlit writer, I thought. And then, as we passed cornfield after cornfield, more and more similarities between writing and toddler-ing emerged--and this blog post was born! Enjoy. :)

10 ways writing #Kidlit is like having a toddler:

1. You hear "NO" a lot.

  • TODDLERING: Put your shoes on. NO! Eat your lunch. NO! Stop whacking your brother in the head with your pool noodle. NO!

  • WRITING: Like my pitch? NO! Be my agent? NO! Publish my story? NO! (At least agents and editors use a bit more tact than toddlers...)

2. You always have crap all over the floor.

  • TODDLERING: OUCH! Who left the Thomas the Train right outside my door?! *CRUNCH* Did ANY of those cheerios get in your mouth?

  • WRITING: Scribble-scribble...*crumple-crumple-toss*...scribble-scribble...*crumple-crumple-toss*...

3. You are frequently awakened in the middle of the night.

  • TODDLERING: "Put my blankets on!" "I can't find one of my 37 buddies!" "I have potty!" (Repeat, repeat, repeat...)

  • WRITING: WAKE UP! This is an amazing-fabulous-splenderiferous idea that will for sure be a massive bestseller! *scribble-scribble* [The next morning: HUH??]

4. Your life revolves around snacks.

  • TODDLERING: Is it snack time yet? Yay, snack time! Ugh, snack time is over...

  • WRITING: Is it snack time yet? Yay, snack time! Ugh, snack time is over...

5. Pants are optional.

  • TODDLERING: Put your pants on! Where are your pants?? Fine. At least wear undies...

  • WRITING: Lounge pants are pants right? Yoga pants?

6. Storytime is your favorite time of day.

  • TODDLERING: Thank God, I get to SIT--how about we read 26 stories today!

  • WRITING: Only 10 minutes until favorite-famous-author starts their live stream storytime!! SQUEE!

7. You constantly question your ability to do this.

  • TODDLERING: Maybe THIS will be the parenting book that turns me into a calm, patient, rational, gentle, understanding parent... (HA!!)

  • WRITING: What am I even DOING?? Who do I think I am? Who will ever want to read my stories? I'm such an imposter...

8. You have a crew to commiserate with.

  • TODDLERING: YOUR kid does that super weird-annoying-concerning thing too?? THANK GOD I'm not alone! We can do this.

  • WRITING: You've gone 8 Twitter pitch events without any hearts and gotten a rejection within 12 minutes too?? THANK GOD I'm not alone! We can do this.

9. You celebrate even the smallest successes.

  • TODDLERING: You ate two bites of broccoli! WAHOO!! You put your peepee in the potty! POTTY DANCE TIME!!

  • WRITING: I wrote a new story today! My CP's liked my poem! I won 6th place in a contest! WRITING DANCE TIME!!

10. You wonder how you ever lived without it.

  • TODDLERING: Who knew I could ever love another person so much??

  • WRITING: Who knew I could ever love writing for kids so much??

Thanks for reading my silliness! Happy writing, and if you're a toddler parent, happy toddler-ing! They're both full of ups and downs, but wow are they both so worth it.


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